Exterior pivoting louvers on Communication Campus UPF [203]

The louvers of this UPF building are an interesting way to regulate the entry of light and solar radiation from the outside and also give its appearance to the building.

With these louvers we can vary the light and the sunrays we let in (depending on the transparency of the glass or the separation of the slats) and the effects that we want to project (colours and shapes). This building used louvers about 20 or 25 cm with a striped pattern, in this case a dark grey to darken and block more, on the other side of the building where, because of the orientation, it is not as important to protect from the sun, they use red. These Gravents cover the entire building, which gives its continuity to the facade.

The operability of the louvers allows us to adapt to every moment and all the requirements of the university.

General view of the building: 
Edificio Roc Boronat - Campus de la Comunicación (UPF)
Carrer de Roc Boronat
08002 Barcelona , Barcelona

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