ETFE dynamic solar shading in MediaTIC, Barcelona [553]

The south facade of the Barcelona Media-Tic building has a very interesting solar protection. This is an outer layer separated from the curtain wall by the spatial metallic structure.

It is composed of triangular elements, each one consisting of two layers of ETFE, which are kept separated and inflated by the pressure of the air inside. Between these two layers there is a third one, which can move manipulating the air pressure.

This movement leads the central layer to be juxtaposed to the outer one or completely separated from it. The outer layer and the intermediate one have a complementary pattern, so that when both are together, the protective printing is continuous and closes to direct radiation. When the layers are separated, the radiation may pass through the element directly or by reflection.

General view of the building: 
Media TIC
calle Sancho de Ávila / Roc Boronat
08018 Barcelona
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