Delicate projectable from 1974, almost disappeared [472]

Elías Torres has always shown great interest in the treatment of light. It is evidenced in the subject of his doctoral thesis "La luz cenital". Shortly after finishing the degree, he and his classmate José Antonio Martínez Lapeña associated with Lluis Cantallops and, among other merits, built this interesting residential building near Barcelona. 

The detail photo shows the exquisite composition of openings and filters in the original work. Unfortunately only one of the flats preserved the original design of the louvered projectable protections. This solution has a great tradition in the north of Italy, very suitable for urban residential windows as it facilitates the street view while protecting from direct and diffuse radiation. 

The other flats have replaced this solution with a conventional roller, less interesting both for in its movement and for the composition of the facade. (See last picture)

General view of the building: 

Ignacio Paricio