Colorful Silk-Screened Glass in Paris [502]

This is a modern addition to an old building in the city centre of Paris (15th arrondissement). The architects ("Architecture Studio S.A.") used silk-screened glass panels all around the new construction to provide a distinctive character and a clear visibility to the business school inside. It is as much a marketing object as it is an architectural light filter.It creates an interesting mood inside : the internal white walls reflect the redish tones of the skin and the alternance of plain/void of the silk-screened glass creates interesting changes of light.

Picture of the red silk-screened glass filter. The opened parts are located in front of a window and are computer motorized, following the sun path.

Axonometry window + filter

General view of the building: 
Novancia Business School
3, Rue Armand Moisant
75015 Paris

Romain Bigare, ETSAB student

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Romain Bigare, ETSAB student