Coderch 9: Girasol & Hotel de Mar. Privacy & fixed slats [467]

Coderch never designed mobile frames for residential buildings. When self-criticises for its building in Barceloneta, he speaks about vertical pivoting slats but not sliding. The view of the street or exterior is generally resolved leaving spaces without protection, as in Compositor Bach’s building. For a public building, as a hotel, any mechanism can be tricky. Finally he decides for fixed vertical slats, giving privacy and guiding the views towards the sea. The terraces are oriented to the southeast and the louvers protect the northeast façade, that will slightly receive sunlight. In short façade rooms, southeastern sun penetrates the interior spaces without the protection of the cantilever.

Triangular slats 

In Girasol building (previous images) large patios open to the front façade have west orientation, and the housing windows try to look the south sun. The openings are generally protected by fixed vertical slats that partially close some gaps, leaving space for the views. These spaces between the lattices leave the glass unprotected, and users have found other types of protection.
Four years before he had already tried the solution in Hotel de Mar (next images).

General view of the building: 
Paseo de los Illetas, 7
07181 Calvià, Mallorca , Illes Balears
Illes Balears
Intermediate Spaces: 
Outer element: 

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Ph1, Ph2, Ph3: Francesc Català-Roca
Ph2 & Ph3: from the book "Hotel de Mar Mallorca, 1962-1964" by Pere Nicolau Bover Archivos de Arquitectura España siglo XX.
Ph4 Ph5: Melià de Mar

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Detail Hotel de Mar: book by Pere Nicolau Bover