Coderch 7: Tàpies. The omnipresent filter [464]

The Tàpies house is a construction between dividing walls located in a narrow street. The façade facing the street has a northeast orientation and can hardly receive direct sunrays. It is built with solid walls and pivoting slats inserted in fixed frames. The slats draw the composition of the facade and protect the privacy of the spaces opposite the neighbours.

The opposite facade opens to the southwest and continues on the ground floor with the patio and the painter's studio. The entire façade is actually a glazing protected by louvers on fixed frames. The blinds surface extends to horizontally cover the backyards and under skylights (on the painter's studio). This roof use of blinds is new in this work, but will also be used in the Gili house and some other.

In this case, the radical application of the solution to the entire facade is perhaps a little sketchy and the spaces created are a little obsessively caged. Only some practicable elements allow going out on the first floor terrace, little used, almost alone for maintenance. In any case, the current neglect brought to slats obstruction, what is a pity.

General view of the building: 
Casa Tàpies
Saragossa 57
08006 Barcelona , Barcelona

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Ph3 - Lluís Casals
Other photos - Silvia Vila, ETSAB student

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Silvia Vila, ETSAB student