Coderch 5: Ballvé & Catasús. Best uses for sliding [462]


The Ballvé house, in Camprodon, is built with stone walls and covered with ceramic tiles. But its picturesqueness doesn’t alter its rigorous volume. In this project, the use of blinds defining space exploits all the possibilities that had been opened in the Dionisi house. The supporting wall is here straight, and separates radically the private and the public. The element dining-room+living-room+porch, forms a perfect square, internally divided by carpentries and enclosed in a perimeter of stone and shutters. Everything is both inner and outer space, and can be opened to the landscape or closed looking for privacy. The adjustable slats in the sliding frame allow all sorts of combinations of opening and protection. 

The coetaneous Catasus House (Last picture) has many similar points but here the shutter runs always close to the windows. Part of the living-room becomes porch when the windows and blinds of opposite facades are open.

General view of the building: 
Intermediate Spaces: 

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