Coderch 4: Dionisi. Exploring all possibilities [440]

In my opinion this house is the laboratory where all uses Coderch-Valls will give the "persiana mallorquina" can mature. It has less rigorous volumes than other later Coderch projects. It is interesting that it is only signed by Valls, in the recent lists of Coderch works it doesn’t appear.

The floor drawing shows a powerful wall that separates the public space from the rest of the house. These common spaces become almost exterior space, closed with fragments of neoplasticist walls and large windows with wooden carpentries.Interestingly, the blinds are not placed right in front of the glass but on the periphery of the covered porch. With this, the house appropriates this outer space making it a nice intermediate space. These blinds covering the south side of the porch don’t appear on the published drawing of the floor. They appear in the photos of the building, but with a very different arrangement of geometric rigour that our architects will be auto-imposed on future projects. Operable frames are collected on a wall, some standing on the outside of the wall and the other on the inside, as if they had been imagined after the building.These hesitations are also revealed in the gallery on the second floor externally closed by curtains and internally, perhaps for safety, with classic “malloquinas”.

In any case, this is the work in which the use of big blinds is enshrined, defining space and the atmosphere of the most pleasant areas of the house.

General view of the building: