Coderch 12: Monitor. Giving up to lazy users [470]

Coderch gives up to the pressure of the roller blind in this building. The possibility to manipulate shutters from the inside of the rooms might be the cause. The radicalism of large shutters imposed in Barceloneta and Compositor Bach buildings evolves and finishes in a more conventional solution. 

In some openings in Vía Augusta façade, where some kitchens and laundries open, he still uses vertical adjustable slats, but in the rest of the façade and in the other façade (opening to Carrer Amigó) Coderch used "Supergardhermetic" blinds. It is very hard to beat the Super. 

From here on, Coderch forgets slat blinds and systematically uses roller shutters in all residential buildings, as in Cocheras in 1968. Less is used in his office buildings. Trade and Caixa buildings, with uncovered glasses, show us his wrong over-confidence in the air conditioning.

General view of the building: 
Via Augusta, 185
08021 Barcelona , Barcelona

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Ph4: Francesc Català-Roca
Others: Ignacio Paricio