Coderch 10: Raset & Banco Urquijo. A pivoting panel of fixed slats [468]

On this luxury residential building Coderch continues prioritizing privacy instead of solar protection in the design of filters. The four facades of the small buildings are protected with the same lattice, covering surfaces that will never receive sunrays.The living rooms, which are oriented east and west, are very close between opposites, and intimacy becomes the main factor in the filter design. The front view is protected with the same fixed slats that were designed for the hotel de Mar. 

Also here the outwards view is lead through the spaces free of shutters. Some of them, like the terraces of the living room, have been closed with awnings by its inhabitants, for both solar protection issues and privacy.

A significant innovation appears in the bedroom. Vertical slats are mounted on a vertical pivoting frame that allows the rotation of the entire group consisting of two non-coincident panels, one outside and the other inside the railing.

General view of the building: 
Intermediate Spaces: 

Company in Filt3rs


Ignacio Paricio
Ph 3, interior: Luka Labelle, ETSAB student
Ph8: Francesc Català-Roca 

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Adrián Montero, ETSAB student