Coderch 1: Plaza Calvó. From awnings to Mallorquina [437]


With this case we begin a tour through the evolution of blinds in Coderch’s works. During the 1940s, Coderch used all kind of filters on its quaint houses, especially awnings, blinds and popular tradition shutters.
His own house in Carbo square has an access porch next to the backyard. Coderch had drawn a pair of curtains which could be folded to the jambs of the opening, and protected the space from the west sun. However, he finally placed one of his first horizontal pivoting blinds, with fixed louvers, called “Mallorquinas”.The long side of the porch, which separates it from the courtyard of the house, is divided into three equal gaps. The central gap is closed by a fixed “Mallorquina”. The other two have the same original curtains than in old photos.

It is possible that this replacement of awnings by “Mallorquinas” was suggested in some of his travels to Mallorca, were he was building the Ferrer-Vidal house, in which he used these popular blinds.In any case, this solution in his own home begins to suggest the use of blinds as space partitioning beyond their functions as sunscreen (use on which he will be the master in his future works).

General view of the building: 
Coderch family-house
Plaça de Calvó
08022 Barcelona , Barcelona
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