Balcony in Tossa de Mar [366]

The aim of this case is to explore the combination possibilities of this series of filters (rail, roll-up blind, window, shutter and curtains) and his repercussion as for the light and the environment they create in the interior.

In this picture we can see that, though it is a really small balcony, certain positions of the roll-up blind with regard to the rail and the window are capable of creating a small intermediate space, which is neither part of the interior nor of the exterior, with very own qualities that make it very special. We can observe how the solid light of the south is stopped by the blind in the top part of the window while, on the lower part, it filters across the rail drawing his silhouette on the floor creating this beautiful scene. With the blind in the same position we can enjoy of a view to the street without losing our privacy.

With these drawings it is shown the composition of this little space and the elements that shape it as well as it is explained the woodwork of the windows with more detail.

General view of the building: 
Pau Moreu, 16
Pau Moreu
17320 Tossa de Mar , Girona
Intermediate Spaces: 

Àlex Carrasco